Welcome to the U.S.: A Guide for New Immigrants

Welcome to the U.S.: A Guide for New Immigrants

Since we are always on the lookout for any information that might make the transition to the United States easier for our CareerKnacks nurses, we wanted to share a great guide that the U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services department has put together. With over 100 pages, it really covers the bases for educating immigrants who are new to the country and we wanted to share a few sections that really stood out to us. Click here for the full Welcome to the United States: A Guide for New Immigrants brochure. Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Driving in America


When moving to a new country, with all of the details required to prepare for life abroad, it can be easy to overlook the concept of driving in that country. The need for a car and a driver’s license is entirely dependent on what city you are in, as some cities have better public transportation than others. But either way, it is always good to be prepared should you find that a car is needed when you arrive.

In the United States, international driving permits (IDP) are not required, though on occasion rental car companies may request one. If you plan to rent a car upon arrival, it is important to brush up on the rules of the road in the state you are moving to. The Department of Motor Vehicles offers a variety of resources for educating yourself online before you ever arrive in country. These same resources will be helpful if you decide to get a driver’s license after you arrive.

If you choose to get a car after you arrive in America, you will also need to register it with the DMV and get car insurance. (Progressive, Geico, & State Farm are all popular choices, but feel free to look around for the best rates and coverage) Read more

Most Frequently Asked Questions About H-1B Visas

Most Frequently Asked Questions About H-1B Visas

What is an H-1B visa?
An H-1B visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows US companies to employ foreign nationals in specialty occupations such as engineering, architecture, mathematics, Science and medicine.  

How long is an H-1B visa?
The H-1B visa is normally granted for 3 years and can be extended for up to 6 years.

How long does it take to obtain an H-1B visa?
The H-1B visa can generally be obtained within 4-6 weeks if premium processing is utilized.

Is there a cap on the number of H-1B visas that can be issued per year?
We are fortunate that our US hospital clients are not subject to any numerical cap.  As they are magnet facilities and teaching hospitals they can apply for H-1B visas year round with no numerical limit attached to them. Read more

Facebook Group for CareerKnacks Nurses – invite only

Facebook Group for CareerKnacks Nurses – invite only












With any international move, comes plenty of questions. So when it comes time to consider your move to the United States, we do our very best to ensure that you are prepared. What is the language like? Is it easy to transition to American customs? Will I be able to drive there? The ability to connect with others who have done the move before you is the best way to settle your nerves and arrive in your new home town as prepared as possible.

We decided to set up an exclusive CareerKnacks Nurses Facebook Group where all of our nurses can connect and share information, give advice, and just build a community. You may even find other nurses that are located in the same town, at the same hospital that you will be going to. Built-in friends!

We will also be adding frequently-asked-question guides, area information, resources, and more to support you with your big move to America. And, as always we are always here to answer any questions that you might have. So don’t hesitate to contact us directly!