Fact or Fiction: Immigration Edition NCLEX

Fact or Fiction: Immigration Edition NCLEX



Are you an international nurse looking to further your career and pursue the American dream by landing an RN position in the U.S.? CareerKnacks knows how daunting this process can seem if you have never gone through it, and with more than 25 years of experience we are the perfect (no fee!) agency to help! One of the biggest topics of concern is the NCLEX-RN® Exam, so today we are breaking down everything you need to know and separating fact from fiction when it comes to this important exam.

FACT: CareerKnacks can help you with preparing for and sitting for the NCLEX-RN® exam.

We offer an exclusive Assistance Program to help you with preparing for and ultimately, passing the NCLEX-RN® exam! Contact us today to learn more!

FICTION: Your NCLEX-RN® exam results expire if you don’t start your position in the U.S. right away.

While some important documents do expire throughout this process, your NCLEX-RN® exam results do not. We will make sure we keep you updated on anything that might expire before it happens, so you won’t need to worry about that happening. Read more

Six Proven Steps to NCLEX Success

Six Proven Steps to NCLEX Success


One of the biggest obstacles to furthering your nursing career in America, is passing the NCLEX-RN exam, and it is CareerKnacks goal to always make sure that you feel prepared for every step of the process. Scrubs Magazine recently posted their suggested steps to NCLEX success and we wanted to pass those great tips on to you.

  1. Have a Positive Attitude About the Outcome – Approach studying for your NCLEX exams with a positive attitude. This will help to keep you focused as you go over all of the material one last time. If you find yourself getting frustrated, walk away for a little while to refresh. You have the right to feel some stress, but make sure that it does not sabotage your results.
  1. Eat and Sleep Right – Your physical state is just as important as your mental one when preparing for a life-changing test. In the weeks leading up to your exam date, maintain a healthy diet and sleep routine. This will actually work towards keeping your mind sharp and retaining information better, especially if you add bananas and some chocolate to your diet.

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We Created an NCLEX-RN® Assistance Program Just For You!

We Created an NCLEX-RN® Assistance Program Just For You!


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If you have a dream of becoming an RN in America, the NCLEX-RN® Exam is a critical step in this process. The NCLEX, also known as the National Council Licensure Examination is a standardized test to determine whether a candidate has the necessary skills to enter into a U.S. career in nursing. 

According to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, the four main areas covered in the NCLEX-RN® are:

#1 Safe, Effective Care Environment

#2 Psychosocial Integrity

#3 Health Promotion and Maintenance

#4 Physiological Integrity

StatesideRN recognizes the need for assistance with preparing for this important exam, and have created the NCLEX-RN® Assistance Program to meet this need. If you would like further information on how we can help you prepare to sit the exam, get in touch

For more information on the NCLEX-RN® exam, check out our NCLEX timeline.