What Will a Trump Presidency Mean for Business Immigration?

What Will a Trump Presidency Mean for Business Immigration?


The outcome of the Presidential election has created a sense of uncertainty for many of our CareerKnacks nurses and those who are interested in furthering their nursing career here in America. We decided to get answers from our good friends, and immigration attorneys, over at Green and Spiegel on the potential impact that the outcome of this election will have on business immigration to the United States.


With the reality of a Donald Trump Presidency sinking in, many foreign nationals are understandably wondering how the election results will impact their status and future in the U.S.

Both those on the Left and the Right have expressed difficulty in determining Trump’s stance on immigration, and much of his pre-election rhetoric has focused on illegal immigration. That said, Trump has referenced some potential changes that could affect business immigration, namely making E-Verify mandatory, reforming the H-1B visa system, repealing President Obama’s Executive Orders (DACA/ DAPA), and renegotiating or withdrawing from the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Read more