Declare 2017 the Year of the Healthy Nurse


With the importance of health and wellness being such a critical part of a nurses treatment outcomes with patients, it’s no surprise that they often forget about their own health. The American Nurses Association has declared 2017 the Year of the Healthy Nurse, and we are jumping on board to help promote it. As you know, we value our CareerKnacks family of nurses above all else and want to see you all thrive in 2017. So each month we will be sharing specific ways to put your health first, keeping the health topic in mind that the ANA has laid out for each month.

Since January is worksite wellness and worker well-bring, we are sharing five ways to put this into action right now. 

  1. Join (or start!) an onsite walking group. Use lunch time and breaks to encourage your coworkers to get in at least 10-15 minutes of walking at a brisk pace. This can have an incredible impact on your mood, performance, and perspective as you head back to finish the rest of your shift.
  2. Volunteer for your department health, safety or well-being committee(s). Be a voice for better workplace safety and overall wellness for you and your colleagues.
  3. Bring healthy treats in for you and your coworkers to enjoy during your shift.
  4. Participate in all workplace surveys and give your honest opinions and suggestions.
  5. Commit to using onsite fitness facilities or discount programs offered through your employer, if available.

Follow along with us throughout 2017 for more tips on how to make this the Year of the Healthy Nurse!

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