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US Hospital Staffing

CareerKnacks specializes in the recruitment and placement of international professional healthcare workers into US hospitals.

Our team has collectively over 30 years of experience in the healthcare recruitment industry. This knowledge base extends from the recruitment of candidates through the individualized state’s licensing, immigration process, to the actual relocation of the healthcare professional.

CareerKnacks works with major U.S. hospitals, healthcare organizations and immigration attorneys on a day-to-day basis. This enables us to keep current with the ever-changing U.S. rules and regulations for the employment of international healthcare professionals.

CareerKnacks takes pride in our exceptional client service and high level of customer care. We remain in constant contact with each applicant throughout the entire hiring process and provide regular progress updates to the employing healthcare organization. During the evaluation/interview stage and then again prior to the relocation state of the process, communications are far more frequent. The benefit of International Nurses:

  • Huge savings on staffing costs associated with travel or registry nurses.
  • Recruitment of healthcare professionals currently working in an English speaking clinical environment.
  • Lower advertising costs.
  • Improve nurse to patient ratios.
  • Permanent staffing to help meet the daily requirements of patient care.
  • With a steady flow of international nurses, staff morale increase through reduction of excessive overtime.
  • Many foreign-educated nurses, being both flexible and adaptable in their new clinical setting, move on to become managers within their own specialty areas.
  • Foreign-educated nurses promote a cultural diversity within the hospital system.

To obtain more information about our Int. Nurse placement program and database of highly qualified nurses please contact the agency.