5 Qualities That Make A Great Nurse

What makes a Great Nurse?

There are so many requirements put on our nurses, with long shifts, additional responsibilities, and being short-staffed it’s surprising to us mortals that they can handle it all. Nurses need to have a special combination of skills to excel at their jobs, and it’s what makes us admire them that much more. On the one hand they need to be quick on their feet (figuratively and literally!), have a high level of professionalism and excellent communication skills. And on the other, they need to have empathy for their patients, stamina, and a solid sense of humor. That’s why we love the recent post from Minority Nurse about the skills that set the great nurses apart from the rest. We are sharing five great qualities, but head to Minority Nurse to continue reading.

great nurses requires these qualities

5 Qualities That Make Great Nurses

  1. Empathetic Disposition.

  2. High Level of Professionalism.

  3. Sense of Humor.

  4. Action-Oriented.

  5. Excellent Problem Solving Skills.

To read more, head to Minority Nurse.


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