All EU Nurses Can Enjoy A Discount On Our Signature NCLEX Assistance Program



NCLEX-RN Assistance Program

With the passing of the Brexit referendum, the number of EU nurses registering in the UK has dropped by a whopping 92% since last June. This news is made even worse by the release of data showing that 68% of currently employed EU nurses in the UK have also left the health service. While this leaves the UK with a huge gap in available nursing positions, it also means that a record number of nurses from the EU are now facing an uncertain future.

In an effort to help, CareerKnacks wants to encourage any EU nurses who might be interested in working in the United States to submit their CV for review. We are actively recruiting for positions in multiple cities across all specialties and would love to help you land your dream job in America. By submitting your CV, you will automatically be reviewed against all available positions to see if we have a match.

In addition, we wanted to make a special offer to ALL EU NURSES, of 33% off our Signature NCLEX-RN Assistance Program. And since we are a NO FEE AGENCY (yes really! we don’t charge you a dime for placement in the U.S.!), there’s no risks to be concerned about. We will walk you through every step of the process and make sure you feel comfortable with everything as you go through the interview process.

To get started, here is a short checklist of the steps you need to take to participate in our Signature NCLEX-RN Assistance Program:

  1. Review the NCLEX-RN Exam Timeline.
  2. Submit your CV HERE.
  3. Request more information on our Assistance Program HERE.
  4. Wait patiently to hear from us! 🙂


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