Nurses Among the Most Trusted Workers Around the World

In today’s difficult political climate, it is no surprise to hear that politicians are among the least trusted professions across the globe. But who takes the top spot of the professionals we trust the most? Nurses! A recent British study revealed that nurses took the top spot with 93% of participants agreeing that they feel nurses are honest with them while they and their loved ones are in their care. And it isn’t just the UK that feel this way, a 2015 study in the U.S. named nurses as the most trusted profession for the 14th straight year.

We love and respect all nurses working hard around the world to make lives better and we are thrilled to see the recognition that you all deserve for your efforts. You make our job so fulfilling with your commitment to your patients, and that is what makes us work that much harder in helping you further you career and achieve the American dream.


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