Strong Opposition Rises Against Trump’s 2018 Budget Proposal

Strong Opposition Rises Against Trump’s 2018 Budget Proposal

Trump’s 2018 Budget Proposal

Trumps Budget Propsoal


The American Nurses Association has put out a news release regarding the latest budget proposal released by President Trump for the 2018 budget. With cuts in the hundreds of millions for funding for nursing programs, it is highly likely that it will affect the overall concern with the rising nursing shortage. Here is a brief note from the news release.

The American Nurses Association (ANA) is deeply concerned that President Trump’s FY 2018 Read more

U.S. Nurses Make Plea to Trump

Following the general election last month, the American Nurses Association has sent an open letter to President-Elect Donald Trump. In it, members of the nation’s most trusted profession make a plea to keep several components of the Affordable Care Act intact, including access to a standard package of essential health care services.

This standard package should include access to comprehensive services, including mental health services, ability for children to remain on their parents insurance until the age of 26, the expansion of medicaid, and protection from the denial of coverage for pre-existing conditions. Read more