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Fueled by passion for helping our nurses and a healthy dose of coffee and chocolate biscuits, our recruiters are the best in the business. They spend their days staying on top of every last detail, deadline, and paperwork needed to ensure our nurses flow through the process as seamlessly as possible. Their dedication is what helps set CareerKnacks apart from the competition and one of the biggest reasons we are proud to be a NO FEE AGENCY! We wanted to share a little sneak peek behind the scenes of what a typical day looks like for our (rock star) recruiters! Read more

10 Fun Facts About Nursing in America and Beyond

As a big part of the nursing world, we find learning new facts about the industry around the world incredibly fascinating, and we hope you do too. Here are ten of our favorite facts that we learned this week.

  1. The top occupational health concern of nurses is back injury. A survey done in 2011 shows that 59% of nurses are afraid they might have this.
  2. The famous poet and essayist Walt Whitman served as a volunteer nurse during the Civil War in Fredericksburg, Virginia. His poem entitled “The Wound Dresser” got its theme from his nursing experience in the battlefield.
  3. 17th century shipwreck survivor Juan de Mena is considered the first nurse in the New World.
  4. Mary Todd Lincoln, the wife of Abraham Lincoln, was a volunteer nurse during the American Civil War
  5. In order to give recognition to school nurses, January 27 is now celebrated as the National School Nurse Day.
  6. The first Nursing school was established in India in 250 BC.

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How to Reduce Stress At Work For Better Performance

How to Reduce Stress At Work For Better Performance


Nurses tend to have jam-packed, and often stressful, schedules consisting of late nights, early mornings and 12-hour shifts. Getting accustomed to a new country, a new job and a new time zone all while working around a crazy schedule are contributing factors to the stress you might be feeling. Balancing your home life, work life, and social life may seem impossible. At CareerKnacks we want you to enjoy this new adventure in a stress-free way. Below are some stress-reduction tips to help ease your hectic schedule.

Make a list — Creating a prioritized “to do” list will make you feel tremendously more organized. Write down a list of all the things you have to do, work-related and not, then put them in order of importance. Check off one item at a time. Don’t do the following item until the one before it is complete. Focusing on one task at a time instead of the mountain of tasks as a whole will make things feel less overwhelming.

Take a breather — Nursing jobs can be very intense work. It might seem like everything needs to be done quickly, but if you begin feeling too pressured it can result in sloppy work. The shifts are long and the work can require you to be very focused, because of this five minute breaks can be crucial. Take a lap around the building or step into the break room and take a moment to breathe.

Use your team for emotional support — Your coworkers are the only people who truly understand what it’s like to have the stress that you do. Use your teammates as an emotional support system. Whether you need to vent to someone or you just need to share a laugh remember that you have people who are in the same place you are.

Maintain a healthy personal life — As much focus as you put on your patient’s health, put the same amount on yours. It’s incredibly important to remember to exercise, eat well, sleep plenty, stay social and maintain a healthy lifestyle outside of work. Your work life will only be successful if your personal life remains in check also.

Cut yourself some slack — You’re going to make mistakes. In the nursing industry, where the work is so intense, it’s really easy to hold yourself to extremely high standards. Remind yourself of how far you’ve come and, most importantly, that you’re only human.

To read about some other stress-reduction techniques for nursing professionals check out the list courtesy of HealthLeadersMedia.com and NursingWorld.org.

It’s Officially the Start of the “Ber” Months in the Philippines!

It’s Officially the Start of the “Ber” Months in the Philippines!


ber months













For those of you who are not familiar, the often-talked about “Ber” months is known as the official countdown to Christmas in the Philippines! While it might seem a bit strange to start celebrating so early, it is a complete mindset shift that infects people of all ages once September rolls around. So what exactly does it mean? 

Things like cooler weather, colorful decorations (lanterns and Christmas trees!), and the opportunity to try out different recipes for meals and treats are just a few of the ways the “Ber” months are celebrated. 

Personally, we love any excuse to celebrate, and extending the Christmas spirit for several months sounds like a dream come true! 

Happy “Ber” Months to our friends in the Philippines and beyond! We are celebrating with you in spirit!

How to Find A Good School in America

How to Find A Good School in America



Finding good schools for your kids is a top priority for all parents moving to a new country, and for good reason. Moving to America can be just as good for your child’s education as it can be for the advancement of your own career. But it is best to do your homework and research what schools rank the highest in the area you will be moving to. 

There aren’t many places in the country that don’t offer some really great schools, so be sure to check out these helpful resources to find the best fit for you and your family. 

Believe us, finding a good school will take a big weight off your shoulders when it comes time for your international move!


Fast Facts from the National Center for Education Statistics
Public and Private School Rankings
School and District Rankings
School Performance


The New Orleans Jazz Museum at the Old U.S. Mint

The New Orleans Jazz Museum at the Old U.S. Mint


jazz museum

Jazz music is such an important piece of Louisiana history, that the Louisiana State Museum is working on opening its very own New Orleans Jazz Festival inside the old U.S. Mint. This one-of-a-kind project will conserve a piece of cultural history that is so important to New Orleans, and we personally can’t wait to visit once it is up and running! Here is a brief statement from the Louisiana State Museum on the project:

“Working with the Louisiana Museum Foundation, the museum has embarked on a multimillion-dollar fundraising campaign, and needs your donations to make this historic project come to life.

Besides underwriting construction and exhibition development, the campaign will help fund the conservation of  the Jazz Collection. The collection contains irreplaceable musical instruments and related artifacts, such as Louis Armstrong’s first  cornet, Sidney Bechet’s soprano saxophone, Edward “Kid” Ory’s trombone, George Lewis’ clarinet, Warren “Baby” Dodds’ drum kit, performance costumes, photographs, original manuscripts, historic recordings and rare film footage.

Through partnerships with educational institutions, theNew Orleans Jazz Museum will also broaden the local, national and global understanding of jazz as the most innovative, historically pivotal musical art form in American history.”


5 Great Learning Resources for All Nurses

5 Great Learning Resources for All Nurses













Here at CareerKnacks we strongly believe that knowledge is power, especially for those in the healthcare industry. The International Nurses Association is always a a great resource in and of itself, and this week they are sharing five great resources. We thought we would share a few extra of our own.

The Learning Nurse Resource Network

American Nurses Association

Health Resources and Services Association

The Nursing and Allied Health Resources Section


NCLEX Assistance Program

5 Great Tips to Stay Stress-Free At Work

5 Great Tips to Stay Stress-Free At Work

Nurses are the some of the best caregivers around; so much so that it’s hard to imagine what we would do without them. But like many of us it is easy to get caught up in taking care of others and forget to take care of ourselves. The only difference is that when you take care  of others for your job it often becomeseven harder. So we wanted to share five of our favorite tips for staying stress-free by taking care of ourselves


stress free nurses#1 Positive Thinking 

It might sound cliche, but studies have shown that when we think more positive thoughts we find ourselves much happier. It has also shown that the more often you use the power of positive thinking, the more it becomes natural for you, creating a very powerful and life-changing habit. You may just start to notice that you can also influence the people around you with all your positivity!

#2 Create Healthy Habits

It’s no surprise that when we treat our bodies like junk, we feel like junk. So why not create a few healthy habits to help keep you feeling great? Some of our favorite ways to do this include daily exercise (short walks are great if you are short on time!), plenty of healthy, whole foods meals (hearty salads are our one of our favorites!), and finding a new hobby to get you excited and learning something new!

#3 Meditation

While many people believe meditation is too hard for them to do, it can actually be accomplished with just a short ten minute window of time. Even if you can’t shut off your mind completely, just try to redirect it to positive thoughts and emotions. Giving yourself a few minutes of dedicated time can really help you slow down, refocus and reenergize after lunch. 

#4 Support System

Having a good support system is crucial to staying stress-free. Whether you can find that at work, at home, or with friends try to surround yourself with people that make you smile. As we mentioned back in tip #1, positivity is contagious, so why not give yourself the best possible chance for having a good and positive week at work?

#5 Live the Life You Love

We are firm believers that life is too short to live life any other way. Do you love to paint? Make Sunday afternoons your artistic time? More of a wine lover? Make a weekly date with friends to go wine-tasting at some local spots. Whatever you fancy, just be sure to give it the importance and focus that it deserves. You will find that you are much more relaxed when you live your life with such purpose.