A Day in the Life of a (Rock Star) CareerKnacks Recruiter




Fueled by passion for helping our nurses and a healthy dose of coffee and chocolate biscuits, our recruiters are the best in the business. They spend their days staying on top of every last detail, deadline, and paperwork needed to ensure our nurses flow through the process as seamlessly as possible. Their dedication is what helps set CareerKnacks apart from the competition and one of the biggest reasons we are proud to be a NO FEE AGENCY! We wanted to share a little sneak peek behind the scenes of what a typical day looks like for our (rock star) recruiters!

We shadowed recruiter, Alan, for a day to see what keeps him busy every day.

Alan starts the day by checking emails and correspondence from nurses received over night due to the time difference between the US office and the many worldwide locations they live. From there, everything gets prioritized depending on the nature of the message and any time deadline that may be impacted. High priority is given to job placements in-process and any scheduled interviews.

He then focuses on on-boarding new candidates received from either personal referrals, agencies, websites or the CareerKnacks licensing programs. This involves reviewing the experience, credentials, licensure, and immigration process of every candidate and the relevant placement requirements.  This leads to entering qualifying candidates into our computerized database application or referring the candidate on to other internal programs and services depending on their unique needs. Alan also regularly searches our database to see if we have any nurses in our system that fit the criteria for open positions with our partner hospitals. This means we are always working to find the perfect position with the perfect hospital for every single one of our nurses.

For all qualified candidates, Alan schedules interviews via video conference or phone and performs pre-interview checks to verify the technology is working.

Throughout the day he monitors email, phone and Skype accounts for any communication from nurses and responds in a timely manner, which often extends outside office hours under varying circumstances.

Another important aspect of Alan’s job is to monitor various websites for current news which may impact CareerKnacks business, nurses, and/or any of our programs.

All of this important work includes building a positive and supportive working relationship with the nurse and try to get to know them and build trust so that they know we are their for them throughout this sometimes difficult process.

Finally, Alan promotes our agency, partner hospitals and everything the U.S. has to offer as a potential nurse’s new home. (Trust us, it’s A LOT!)

We are so passionate about what we do, and want our entire CareerKnacks family to know that we will work tirelessly for them in their pursuit of their own American dream!

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