How Public Speaking Can Positively Impact Your Nursing Career

Positively Impact Your Nursing Career


If there is one thing we are passionate about here at CareerKnacks, it’s this. That our CareerKnacks family or nurses has the best of everything and a chance to thrive in their careers. That is why we work so hard to partner with hospitals that want the same for their employees. Career development is a big part of continued success in any job and we like to share tips and tricks that we come across whenever possible. Whether you are new to the field of nursing or have been practicing for decades, it is always a good idea to continue to improve your skills and the network you surround yourself with.

One of the most important skill a nurse can have (well, it’s at least top five!) is good communication. Whether communicating with a patient, colleague, or boss, being able to effectively communicate your thoughts and ideas, as well as patient diagnoses and care, can be game changing. Putting some effort in to making sure you are a great communicator can also help with promotions by setting you apart from colleagues who maybe don’t put the time in to improve their skills. Learning to be comfortable with public speaking can also improve your confidence in workplace settings. Feeling okay about speaking up in meetings and conferences means your voice and opinions get heard.

Minority Nurse shared a great article on how public speaking can improve your nursing career if you are interested in learning more. You can find that article HERE.

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