The Power of the Gratitude On Nurses With the Honor-A-Nurse Program


We have all heard about the benefits that come from being more grateful: boosted immune system, lower blood pressure, and increased happiness. And as a new year is dawning, many will be looking for positive ways to make a difference in 2017. But what does the power of gratitude mean for our nurses and other caregivers? Well, a simple little thing like gratitude has been shown to impact the quality of patient care as well as the caregiver’s own well being. The thought that gratitude can have a dramatic impact on patient outcomes is astounding and is the reason for a powerful program that works hard to honor our nurses.

A few years ago, the American Nurses Foundation relaunched the Honor-A-Nurse program, which ties thoughts of appreciation to the philanthropic efforts of the foundation. Their hope is for all of us to publicly thank the nurses in our lives who are working hard to care for our communities each and every day. By giving a donation to the ANF in the name of a nurse that has made a difference for you, they will in turn be featured on the Honor A Nurse website.

If you would like to Honor A Nurse in your own life, you can do just that right HERE.

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