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Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation


For 2017, there is a big emphasis on keeping our nurses healthy and we couldn’t be happier to get on board. The American Nurses Association is championing this effort in more ways than one, and their Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation initiative is the perfect way to do just that. They offer numerous resources for nurses to stay healthy and fit, regardless of what needs they may have. Here are a few words straight from the ANA:

“ANA defines a healthy nurse as one who actively focuses on creating and maintaining a balance and synergy of physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, personal and professional well-being. A healthy nurse lives life to the fullest capacity, across the wellness/illness continuum, as they become stronger role models, advocates, and educators, personally, for their families, their communities and work environments, and ultimately for their patients.

Nurses at 3.6 million strong and the most trusted profession, have the power to make a difference! By choosing nutritious foods and an active lifestyle, managing stress, living tobacco-free, getting preventive immunizations and screenings, and choosing protective measures such as wearing sunscreen and bicycle helmets, nurses can set an example on how to BE healthy.

Just think, if all 3.6 million registered nurses increase their personal wellness and that of just some of their family, community, co-workers and patients, what a healthier world we would live in!

ANA has demonstrated its commitment to “Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation™” and safe and healthy work environments through our Nursing Practice and Work Environment department. We are here to assist you on your wellness journey, increasing safe and healthy personal and professional practices.”

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