How Nurses Are Working in Rural Areas to Improve Care for Veterans

Nurses Working in Rural Areas

Veteran healthcare seems to regularly be shrouded in controversy, but an often overshadowed related topic is veteran care in more rural areas. With nearly one quarter of all veterans residing in rural locations, it is more critical than ever to establish ways in which our healthcare systems can meet their unique needs.

With an aging number of veterans in need of medical care, and many that live a great distance from VA facilities these are very pressing topics for our healthcare industry. It is estimated that roughly half of all veterans who live in these more rural areas are not enrolled in the VA healthcare system. This means that if and when they are seeking treatment, it is not widely known that the patient has served. That is why it is more important than ever for rural providers to always ask their patients if they have served. Not only will this help establish a rapport, it will also help them to understand the potential mental and emotional side effects of whatever medical condition they are seeking treatment for.

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