The Year of the Healthy Nurse, in April

Healthy International Nurses

With stress at least partially credited with dozens of illnesses, it is no surprise that the American Nurses Association has made this a point of focus with their Year of the Healthy Nurse campaign. Stress is one of the most difficult issues nurses face in the workplace and can be difficult to leave at work when you head home every day. Finding ways to relieve, if not avoid unnecessary stress is critical to maintaining optimal health and is the focus for our April health post.

To help get you started we are sharing five ways to put this into action for a healthier YOU!

  1. Spend five minutes outside (if possible) on every break. The fresh air can help you recharge and return to work with a fresh perspective.
  2. Start a journal. Sometimes getting the stress off your chest (even if only by writing it down) can allow you to move forward without the extra weight.
  3. Drink LOTS of water throughout the day. It has been proven to help maintain patience and make smarter decisions with your health.
  4. Repeat an affirmation to yourself during stressful periods. (“I can create inner peace.”)
  5. Practice deep breathing. Slow, deliberate breaths from your belly (rather than your chest) have been proven to reduce anxiety and stress on the spot.

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